Movie filming in Frankenmuth

Have you ever wanted to be in a movie? Now is your shot.

Frankenmuth River Place Shops has announced it is the main set of filming for a family-themed holiday production that will be aired during the 2019 Christmas season.

And here’s where you come in.

The national film production company in charge is looking for background talent.

Producers need people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders to be featured as Christmas shoppers and townspeople from March 6 to 10 and March 13 to 16.

Those who want to be involved don’t have to be available every day, but should email their name, availability, and head shot to

“We are absolutely thrilled River Place Shops has been selected as the main set for the film,” said Tim Miscovich, general manager of the River Place Shops. “Our German-themed shopping village is the perfect example of the Bavarian architecture and heritage that can be seen and experienced throughout Frankenmuth.”

Miscovich said the Zehnder family agreed to have the film crew on site throughout this weekend and the next.

Since it is no longer Christmas time, there was some work to be done on the decorations.

"Unfortunately, we actually had it all pretty much taken down. So we just did a snippet of our holiday because it would take us weeks to transform our stories back to the original holiday season," said Tonda Perrou, lead visual merchandiser for the River Place Shops.

Perrou said it was a team effort by maintenance crews and city beautification just to recreate the winter wonderland.

Shop owners like Adam Rousseau say the results were well worth it because it's also bringing in new customers.

"They're kind of taking pictures or just watching what's going on. And it's really cool to see and there's a lot of production, a lot of actors, and a lot of work going into it. So it's kind of neat to see people come out and get excited about it," Rousseau said.

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