WATCH: Michigan toddler saves mom's life


When a Michigan mother suffered a seizure while walking with her dog and three-year-old daughter her life could have been in real danger, but thanks to the quick action of her young daughter, help arrived in time to keep her from suffering major injury.

Every kid thinks at least once about being a superhero.

“I like Owlette,” Savannah Lavely said.

But Savannah didn't need a cape or mask to be a hero this weekend.

"I was just super proud of her,” said Jessa Lavely, the toddler’s mother.

It was when Jessa was walking with her dog and daughter just a block and a half from her home in Sterling Heights that she started to feel bad.

"I felt a little funny. I have a history of seizures. So, I felt a little off,” Jessa said.

Jessa only remembers falling to the ground and later waking up surrounded by police and EMS, but it was what happened in between then that is truly amazing.

After her mom passed out, three-year-old Savannah ran the blocks back to her home, including crossing streets, to get help.

She was caught on security camera outside her home banging on the door.

"I opened the door and there she was and she said ‘You need to come quickly! My mommy fell and she can't get up,’" said Jan Fleming, the girl’s grandmother.

Meanwhile, Jessa's husband watched the incident all unfold when his security cameras alerted his phone.

"She ran down the street in the right direction, crossed the street by herself and then ran up and pounded. She just took charge of herself,” Jan said.

Experts say to teach your kids to take charge in these situations by making sure they know how to dial 911 and know where their address is.

Jessa said she's still in shock because she didn't specifically teach Savannah those skills.

"I just couldn't believe that she would know to run home and which house was ours because she's only three,” Jessa said.

Savannah doesn't understand how brave she really was, but one day she'll know she's just like her favorite superhero.

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