WATCH: Stray dog reunited with family after more than a year

Source: SCACC

One happy dog was reunited with her family in Mid-Michigan after more than a year of separation.

The Saginaw County Animal Care and Control posted a video of the reunion on their Facebook page.

The animal shelter said the dog, Maggie, went missing from her backyard 19 months ago. She was found as a stray by a good Samaritan and brought into the shelter.

Luckily, staff scanned Maggie for a microchip and found one!

The video shows the mini goldendoodle's reaction as she greets three members of her family. She was shy and timid at first, but after a couple good sniffs she appeared to recognize her owners and became excited.

The Grzegorczyk family adopted Maggie five years ago. She went missing in September 2016 after escaping from their yard.

They searched and searched, even put up fliers and messages around the Freeland area. But they had no luck.

"We just kind of thought somebody had kind of found her and took her," said Jillian Grzegorczyk, Maggie's owner.

Jillian and her six kids love Maggie dearly. They had almost given up hope of ever seeing her again. That is until they got the call.

"A couple found her and took care of her over Easter weekend," Jillian said.

The family received the call Thursday afternoon that Maggie was safe and healthy.

"We were pretty shocked yesterday to get that phone call because they said she was microchipped and I didn't remember that she had been microchipped. It must've been the date of implant, which was right around the time she got fixed," Jillian said.

She said although Maggie was slightly skiddish at first, she began to remember her family almost instantly.

"She had a very similar reaction when we walked in yesterday with the rest of the kids and my mom. You know, super excited to see everyone. And my husband, who got home from work, it was like she never left," Jillian said.

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