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A Mid-Michigan woman has been left with many questions and few answers after a water bill nearly six times the normal amount.

"25,000 gallons is extreme," said Kenya Peoples.

Kenya peoples has lived in Buena Vista township for 15 years and said she's never had a water bill quite like this.

$415 for using 25,000 gallons of water in August.

And the paperwork shows her bill is usually around $70.

She said there's no way she used 25,000 gallons

"Don't this seem a bit odd that one month, I used 25,000 gallons in one month?” she said. “The month prior to is normal. And the month after is normal."

She said she didn't have a leak. So, Kenya called Buena Vista Township.

"I said what do I normally average a month?” Kenya said. “And she says it appears you average between 3-5 thousand gallons a month."

The township sent their tech to check Kenya’s water meter.

"Our tech came back with absolute positive assurance that the meter was in proper working order," said Chris Dillard, Buena Vista Township supervisor.

This left Kenya stumped and stuck with a huge bill.

"There's no water damage, there's no leak, I haven't had any work done,” she said. “I don't know what else to do."

So TV5 asked Chris Dillard the tough questions.

"With our system our meter doesn't read unless water goes through it,” Dillard said.

So, is it possible there’s a mistake?”

“There's a couple avenues we can take, but we didn't get that opportunity,” he said. “We need to hear from Ms. Kenya and actually give us an opportunity to do an investigation so this can properly be resolved."

Kenya's bill for September was back to normal.

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