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Researchers from Wayne State University revealed their latest findings on improvements in Flint's water and ongoing problems that need to be addressed at a public meeting on Wednesday.

"It's bottled water for everything. It's the new currency," said Joyce Wilson, Flint resident.

Flint residents are used to using water bottles for most things and filtered water for everything else. After some recent test results it is a good idea for them to continue to do so.

"Even though there's been a switch back to the Detroit water, there's still issues with the water safety. Intermittently, with lead levels being high, chlorine levels low, legionella in the water," said Marcus Zervos, head of infectious disease at Henry Ford Health System.

A team of researchers from Wayne State and several other universities sampled water from 187 Flint and Genesee County homes. They have so far discovered some homes have legionella bacteria present, as well as an increase in other bacteria even with the filters.

"There's issues with the point of use filters. They're very good at reducing lead levels, but bacteria levels actually increase. The filters are important and have been effective for that, but for bacteria there's an issue," Zervos said.

Quincy Murphy, flint activist, helped collect the samples. He said the preliminary test results confirm many residents' fears that the water crisis is far from over.

"We just keep getting the run around and these people telling us it's OK. Now another one. Lots of mixed information and we don't know who to trust and who to believe," Murphy said.

Some residents said the test results and others show just how damaged Flint's water system is.

"I just don't know if it's neglect or lack of knowledge from certain positions. It's distressing me," Wilson said.

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