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Warm winter weather is becoming an issue for businesses that depends on snow and ice.

A lack of snow is pleasant for commuters but a pain for businesses that depend on the winter and snow season.

Bill Giorgis, owner of Mike’s Wrecker, said it’s been unseasonably warm which for them means it’s been unseasonably slow.

Mike’s Wrecker opened 63 years ago on Jan. 10.

Giorgis said he has seen his fair share of winters, some lucrative and others not so much. This season has fallen short in the cold and snow department, yielding fewer dollars for a business that profits on car trouble.

Dry roads mean little to no work for slide-offs and other emergency calls.

“I would say we’re off 20 to 25 percent a day right now compared to a normal January,” Giorgis said.

Although there isn’t a lot of snow on the ground, a local business owner that sells winter accessories says business isn’t bad just yet.

“We always have a good December. A lot of Christmas shopping, gifts, and getting ready for snow coming. But we are really at the point now where we need some more ice and snow,” Brian McMahan said.

McMahan owns Rider’s Powersports. He said snowmobilers going to the Upper Peninsula for snow has kept revenue steady.

“They go all the way up to the Keweenaw Peninsula or Munising, unload and ride for the weekend. It’s been real busy actually the last two weekends. People getting ready to go,” McMahan said.

If the weather does not change soon, McMahan says this winter will be one to forget. He said it will be a pretty quiet end of the month and February if we don’t get snow soon.

Although some businesses are depending on the winter weather, Giorgis doesn’t want to see anyone have to deal with damage to property. He said that slick roads are bad for business because the conditions slow his drivers down.

Cold air and below freezing temperatures with no snow can bolster profits in the form of more jumpstarts and tows.

“I’d rather see it get down to near zero or the five below mark and we’ll be real busy with that as well,” Giorgis said.

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