West MI residents, businesses hurt by CBD oil regulations

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The Michigan Hemp Center in Kalamazoo said all their CBD products are now illegal according to new state standards.

“It saddens me that Michigan did this,” said Annette Crocker, the owner of Michigan Hemp Center. “We had parents that were buying the hemps they would need for their patients controlling their seizures.”

Josey Scroggin visits the hemp center regularly. She said she suffers from constant pain and hasn’t walked since 7th grade.

Srcoggin has been using marijuana since 2008.

“It was very strong and extremely intoxicating for me,” Scroggin said. “While I was relieved from pain, I was sleeping. I would not be able to go to school.”

In 2011, she started using CBD oils that come from hemp.

According to Dr. David Crocker, it’s different than marijuana and said these oils can’t get you high.

“A lot of our older patients and a lot of our patients are less interested in the THC side of things and more interested in the CBD because it’s non-intoxicating,” Crocker said.

Currently, only medical marijuana cardholders can purchase CBD but no more than eight ounces.

“Once I purchase pretty much any product that’s on the shelves in the majority of places that sell CBD right now, I will immediately be overweight,” Scroggin said. “I have to make a decision on do I want to put myself and my daughter and my family at risk, possibly go to jail, get a misdemeanor charge, lose my state funding for school, or do I want to spend the next however long I have left on earth in a hospital bed, watching my daughter grow up from a Skype video.”

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