Where is the safest place in a high rise apartment during a tornado?

Bryan Bachman (WNEM)

Chris Van Loo said severe weather awareness week is the time to prepare for the wicked winds that the stormy season in Mid-Michigan brings every year.

"The biggest thing is just preparedness. We want to encourage people to be prepared," Van Loo said.

Van Loo is the Saginaw fire chief.

"Know evacuation routes. Know ways out of wherever you may be living," Van Loo said.

But what if you live in a high rise. What should you do if a twister is knocking at your door?

"Go to the most inner part of their space that they're living in," Van Loo said. "It could be a bathroom, it could be a closet, but you certainly want to be away from windows."

The biggest danger to people living in these buildings is windows. If they're blown out, the shards of glass in their wind driven wake could be lethal to anyone in their path.

The best advice is to put as many walls between you and any window as possible. No matter what floor you’re on when a tornado strikes.

Van Loo said he is hopeful that the folks in charge of these tall buildings are prepared in case the unthinkable happens.

"We hope that high rise complexes are planning and working with their residents. And if there's anything we can do to assist in that we'd be happy to," Van Loo said.

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week. Check out severe weather tips and advice from our meteorologists all week, and check out our special section.

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