Colorblind teacher gets EnChroma glasses

A Mid-Michigan teacher and coach has spent his life colorblind, but thanks to his wife, he's seeing his world in a new way. 

Kyle Woodruff, 30, works at Pinconning High School.

His wife, Miranda, said Kyle has always wanted EnChroma glasses but they were just too expensive.

EnChroma glasses use specially engineered lenses to help those colorblind see a wide range of colors. 

"Everything was really dull, kind of just dreary a lot of the time," Kyle said.

Miranda set up a surprise for her husband at the high school with some help from the principal.

For the first time in his life, Kyle experienced the joy of colors at a school pep rally.

"Seeing it in a way I've never seen it before. It's like seeing it for the first time," Kyle said.

Miranda said her husband's colorblindness was so bad she had to pick out his clothes for work. She said being able to see color is something many people take for granted.

"Ii was just thinking one day, it was spring and how sad that in almost 31 years he's never been able to see the colors that I see," Miranda said.

She said she was happy to share this special moment with her husband's students.

"We don't have children of our own. So the kids here at Pinconning are really part of our family. We spend a lot of time with them. I wanted them to experience this with him because I think it's going to be life-changing," Miranda said.

It was an emotional moment for Kyle when he got to see color for the first time. It is something he looks forward to being able to enjoy for years to come.

"With these glasses, it's a lot brighter. And spring looks really good today," Kyle said.

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