Andrew Rosas was hit by a car in front of his home early Tuesday morning.

Officials confirm one person was killed in an incident involving a car and a pedestrian.

It happened about 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 756 W. Saginaw St., also known as Gratiot Road or M-46, in Merrill.

Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel said 50-year-old Andrew Rosas, who lives in the area, was in the roadway in dark clothing when he was fatally struck.

Rosas was trying to remove his daughter's dead cat from the road before his daughter saw it at the time of the incident, Saginaw County Sheriff's Lt. Miguel Gomez said.

The woman driving the vehicle did not see him, according to Federspiel.

Rosas' wife witnessed it all from their front porch.

"I'll never find someone who's gonna love me like he did," Jennifer Rosas said.

She began her day like any other, making a pot of coffee for her husband. They went out to their front porch on M-46 in Merrill after realizing their young daughter's cat was lying dead in the road.

Jennifer said Andrew, being a loving father, grabbed a shovel and headed into the street to remove the cat before their daughter woke up.

"He held up the shovel to show that he was there," Jennifer said.

At that moment, she said he was hit by a car.

"She just plowed into him, didn't put on her brakes, nothing," Jennifer said. "I saw the whole thing."

Andrew died at the scene.

Investigators said the driver was a 32-year-old woman from Merrill who didn't see the victim because he was wearing dark clothes.

"I freaked out. I'm right there on the porch. I can see it all and I'm like if I can see him from this porch standing under the streetlight, regardless if he had dark clothes on, a driver is responsible to see what's in that road," Jennifer said.

She said her family is still in shock at the loss of a husband and father who always thought of others first.

"He did anything. He had a big heart. He'd help anybody," Jennifer said.

Federspiel said no charges have been filed against the driver, but the investigation is ongoing.

Andrew's death adds to pain the family was already going through after the death of Andrew's mother.

Jennifer said she and her husband spent Monday planning his mom's funeral, which takes place this coming Saturday.

Now she has two loved ones to bury and a painful memory every time she steps out her front door.

"Now I have to live here and see where he died every day," Jennifer said.

A GoFundMe has been set-up for Rosas. Find that by clicking here.

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