Mt. Holly

While some aren’t liking the idea of snow, others are dusting off their winter gear in hopes of hitting the slopes soon.

The recent chilly turn in the temperatures has one local ski resort firing up the snow machines.

“We see a direct impact. If there’s snow on the ground, we’re busy in the store every time. It never fails,” said Matt Schmier, store manager at Schumaker’s Ski Shop in Flint Township.

He said they sell everything from Northface jackets to snowboards. With the snow falling, Schmier said the customers are shopping.

“People are already starting to come in. They realized they don’t have their gear for the year and they come in here and see us,” Schmier said.

Getting your snow gear might not be a bad idea, especially if you plan on skiing in the near future.

“We’re gonna blow snow tonight. All things good. We’re calling it a test. We’ll see how much of a test it is. Hopefully the forecast is semi-correct,” said Mark Tibbitts, general manager of Mt. Holly.

Tibbitts said they are excited to see the snow so early in the season and plan on making more of it.

“We are completely dependent on mother nature. We have snow machines so that if it’s not snowy, but it’s cold we can do man-made snow. And whether you know it or not, most of the time through the course of the season you’re on man-made snow,” Tibbitts said.

Tibbitts said they are not setting an opening date yet, but they hope it’s around the corner.

Schmier hopes this early blast of winter weather is a sign of things to come.

“We’re hoping for a lot of snow and a cold winter,” Schmier said.

Brian McMahan, owner of Rider's Power Sports in Saginaw Township, believes he'll see more customers in a winter state of mind since the first snow has fallen.

"It gets people thinking about the snowmobiles and ATVs and getting their plows ready," he said.

McMahan expects to see sales up 35 percent over the next few days. An increase in foot traffic is also anticipated down the street at Wohlfeils.

David Ryan is a salesperson there.

"When it snows we sell snowblowers. So we get excited for the weather," Ryan said.

Ryan wants people to know it's not too late to find the right price on winter equipment.

"We still have some preseason offers going on on our snowblowers. Our single stage and our two stage. We have some nice deals here. We can get them out to your house and get you all prepared for the weather," Ryan said.

If you're not in the market for a snowblower, Ryan hopes you're prepared for winter.

"Get your snowblowers out that you have at home and get them started up. Make sure they're running. If not, come give us a call. Also get your salt and your ice melt ready," Ryan said.

As for McMahan, he wants the first snowfall to mark the beginning of a lucrative winter season.

"I'm hoping we have a good snow, snow and cold. If we can get the creeks to freeze up it's kind of like a trail system in this area. And it really brings people out," McMahan said.

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