Stuck vehicle on snowy road

Snow and a mix of freezing rain made travel a bit treacherous across Mid-Michigan on Tuesday.

Michael Rogers got stuck in the middle of a parking lot.

“I just hate it,” Rogers said.

Heavy snow blanketed the region and winter enthusiasts, like William Decker, welcome driving in these conditions.

“I’m loving it. I just got back from Mexico and so I missed the winter vortex. So I’m enjoying it,” Decker said.

Not everyone enjoyed the latest bout of winter weather. Several vehicles were stuck in the storm’s slippery grip.

Rob Conway didn’t have trouble with the snow, but he said there were others who did.

“I’m used to it. I just want to say something to the Facebook posters out there that talk about they know how to drive in this type of weather, no you don’t. I just seen two of you back there stuck on the side of the road. Nobody is using turn signals. And you’re trying to make people get stuck. But have a wonderful day and drive safe,” Conway said.

Being safe is what Cecilia Decena tries to do.

“There’s days when I go to work and it’s really icy and I just cannot control my car that good and I have to take my time,” Decena said.

She said she hopes the weather changes and warmer temperatures move in.

As for Rogers, he was able to move on with his day after TV5 helped push him out. He said he will deal with the weather as it comes even if he doesn’t like it.

“This is Michigan so that’s what you get,” he said.

In Genesee County, Central Dispatch said they had more than 40 crashes during the brunt of the storm.

"I came from Battle Creek. It was quite a drive. It's supposed to be an hour and a half. I took about two hours and 15 minutes," said Ty Brugh, driver.

Brugh's long commute became even longer on Tuesday. He is working in Flint this week as an electrician.

His drive on I-69 causes him a lot of stress.

"Ice covered roads the whole way there. Definitely not fun. Semis were trying to pass you the whole way. It was pretty terrifying," Brugh said.

Alex Gilbert had to drive to the airport from Grand Blanc to pick up his cousin. He said his ride wasn't much better.

"We came from Detroit and the roads were super slick. They weren't very good," Gilbert said.

Gilbert said spin outs and crashes sprinkled local expressways and side streets.

"And people are in front of us, they were swerving. They were crashing," Gilbert said.

Anthony Branch, with the Genesee County Road Commission, said they are clearing and treating the roads as fast and efficiently as possible.

He said they have 17 townships to clean up and it just takes time. He also said the public can help the effort by giving work crews room to groom.

"You gotta stay back, give them clearance. They're trying to do a couple different things all at one time. Be considerate of that. Give them room to clear the roads to try to make it safe for everybody as possible," Branch said.

Brugh said it's not enough to just pay attention to your own driving, you also have to watch out for the people who drive a little too fast for conditions.

"Take consideration for other people's recklessness," Brugh said.

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