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Massive crowds formed in Ann Arbor for the first day of legal recreational marijuana sales. The city is home to some of the few shops licensed to sell the drug.

The recreational business is expected to bring big bucks to the state, but could the higher demand negatively impact those with medical cards?

"Right now, the difference between medical and rec, it’s very small," said Al Moroz, manager at Arbors Wellness.

There's a constant flow of people at Arbors Wellness in Ann Arbor. Moroz says they are doing their best to keep up with demand, serving medical marijuana patients and now recreational users.

"The biggest difference as far as dosing or potency, is that rec products cannot exceed 10 mg per serving on the edible side of things, everything else is relatively the same."

Besides potency, medical marijuana patients also get their weed a little cheaper.

“As far as pricing goes there is an excise 10 percent tax that the business pays on all recreational cannabis and there’s just a flat 6 percent tax across-the-board medical or recreational,” Moroz said.

He says keeping up with the demand might be tricky down the line but right now they are able to get customers the marijuana they want.

Recreational and medical users all seem to be excited that it's legal to anyone 21 and up that has a valid ID.

“This is great because I think it was stupid that this was illegal and putting people in jail,” said Rick Thiele. “We’re just having a little bit of a flower, it’s archaic.”

Business owners say that medical marijuana patients do you have some benefits over recreational.

Moroz believes current medical marijuana patients should keep their cards in good standing.

“If you are a medical marijuana patient, I do encourage you to keep your card,” he said. “You do get line preference, and you’re able to get better pricing, and you can get edibles that are over 10 mg.”

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