Image: Drug Court graduation

From left to right: Jalene Vickey, Judge Michael Beale, Janell Williams, Jeremy Kopke

A local woman celebrates overcoming drug addiction as she graduates from drug court in Midland County.

“It’s awesome! Like I didn’t think this day was going to come,” graduate Janell Williams said.

Williams was very excited to graduate from drug court.

“A lot of these people here are people that I used to use with and drink with. And now look at us you guys. Who would’ve thought, right,” Williams said.

Williams was addicted to alcohol for eight years before transitioning to using meth. Things came to a head when she was arrested in August 2017.

After her arrest she was given two options, two-to-three years in prison, or drug court. Williams declined prison and her friends are glad she made the right decision.

Williams has been sober for 629 days, she credits this to days of hard work, along with support.

Circuit Court Judge Michael Beale presides over the drug court program. He said these moments should remind us all that addiction doesn’t have to ruin your life.

“It’s something that you can get through. It’s something that you can have control over, and most importantly it’s not something that people should be ashamed of,” Beale said.

Williams agrees. She found her way from the darkness to the light and she wants people who struggle with addiction to know they can do it too.

“Meetings right, there’s all different kinds of support groups and stuff. On top of our anonymous programs, we also have like Peer 360 and that’s where you can bring your family in with you; because some people are scared to put their foot in the door. But you can actually bring your family into the meeting with you or your support to just kind of build your support really. The more people you get around you to lean on is huge. You don’t have to do it alone,” Williams said.

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