The eyesore next door is looming over Carol Carroll’s backyard.

“The garage has fallen on my fence,” Carroll said. “It’s barely holding up.”

A single fence post is the only thing separating her family home and disaster.

The blighted home on Saginaw’s east side has been abandoned for years and the garage came crashing through Carroll’s fence two weeks ago.

Until something is done, every minute and every gentle breeze could be the last.

“One of the kids might be running through the house and boom, here comes the other garage coming through the house,” Carroll said.

Carroll’s grandson is also worried the house could collapse on his grandma’s home.

“It’s like it’s on a kickstand. And once you let go of that kickstand, it’s gonna go,” said Demarquis Drake, Carroll’s grandson.

If the fence gives you and the garage comes down, it will go right through Carroll’s bedroom.

“I’m sleeping right there at the busted fence, busted, raggedy garage. And nobody wants to do anything about it,” Carroll said.

She has called the land bank over and over again.

“They said we’re on the list, but nothing has happened,” Carroll said.

That’s why Carroll called TV5 to ask the tough questions.

“It’s this long process. Sometimes that can be really difficult and frustrating for a neighbor to wait through this,” said Tim Novak, Saginaw County treasurer.

Novak said because the garage might have asbestos in it, the process would usually involve environmental testing to make sure it’s safe to tear down. They are sending a contractor out on Tuesday.

“I would hope that they can take care of the garage tomorrow, but we’ve got to be careful because we don’t want to get in trouble with the DEQ doing things we’re not supposed to because it’s the right thing to do. Dealing with safety and environmental hazards is a serious issue,” Novak said.

Carroll is seriously worried.

“I don’t think it can hold on any more days,” she said.

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