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A couple celebrating their wedding day was in for an even bigger surprise on the way to the reception. 

“It was seriously the scariest moment of my life,” said newlywed and mom Alexis Thurlow.

September 6th is a day that did not go as planned for the newlyweds.

“We did the ceremony, we did our vows, said I do. Everyone cried, it was great,” Alexis said.

Alexis was eight months pregnant at the time. She and her husband Skylar, of Mayville, tied the knot but on their way to the reception, something went wrong.

“When I stood up, I felt gushing, so I lifted up my dress and I thought my water broke or I peed a little. And when I lifted it up, it was just blood everywhere,” Alexis said.  

Alexis thought her water broke but later found out that her placenta ripped from her uterus.

They were rushed to Covenant Hospital in Saginaw where Alexis had a c-section to deliver her new bundle of joy.

The newlyweds and new parents named their child Charles Richard William Thurlow.

“Said yes, got to do our ceremony and then next thing you know, we’re sitting here with a baby,” said newlywed and dad Skylar Thurlow.

While everything went on at Covenant with the new baby, their family and friends were still at the hall attending the reception.

“They all prayed for us, everyone prayed, it was a very long prayer circle going on. And then as soon as they were told that the baby was born and I was okay it was like a WOOOHOOO and everyone started partying and that was it,” Alexis said.

Alexis says the party went on all night.

The couple never got their first dance as husband and wife, but what they did receive was something even better, a new happy and healthy baby. Plus they got to cut and share their wedding cake.

“We gave it to the nurses, we gave a good portion of it to the nurses,” Alexis said.

Baby Charley is in the NICU but is expected to be ok. Alexis and Skyler plan to have another small reception to make up for the one they missed.

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