Woman needs help with repairs to 100-year-old home

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A 100-year-old home needs serious repair, but its owner needs help to fix some of the issues.

Over the past few years the home’s owner has dealt with tons of health issues, making it hard for her to afford the repairs.

“I’m here and that’s what counts,” said Cindy Dwyer, Flint resident.

Dwyer is looking at the bright side, which is no small feat considering what she has gone through.

After overcoming stage four bladder cancer and COPD, she said her health is the only thing she has been able to focus on.

“For the last five years I’ve been trying to recover from everything and I don’t seem to be doing too good on that part. But like I said, I’m still alive. So, that’s what matters and as long as I’m here I want to maintain,” Dwyer said.

Dwyer said that includes maintenance to her 108-year-old home in Flint. Her brick chimney is in bad shape and is leaking in the upstairs bedrooms. It has even caused part of her roof to collapse.

She said she can’t afford the repairs with her fixed income.

“I’ve worked here all my life at the old V8 engine plant. And then at Michigan School for the Deaf. And then at a nursing home. And then I got cancer and had to retire and go on disability,” Dwyer said.

Dwyer said the damage is so extensive to her chimney she is scared she will lose her home if she doesn’t get it fixed soon.

“I would like to keep it and pass it on down in the family. So, that family members can stay with it and stay in Flint and help rebuild Flint,” Dwyer said.

She said family and friends have replaced shingles and tried their best to stop the leaks, but it’s getting worse and worse.

“I’ve got to have something done with it or it’s going to cave in and there goes my home,” Dwyer said.

If you can help her, email your contact information to wnem@wnem.com

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