Sanford woman with mother's urn

A Mid-Michigan woman is like many Sanford residents who lost everything during last month’s historic flooding.

Kathy Parsch has been through the unimaginable.

“I wasn’t able to find her for four weeks, almost four weeks now. And I’ve gone out to my house eight times,” Kathy said.

She lost all of her belongings and even her home during the flooding. That also included her mother’s ashes.

Her mother, Mary Parsch, passed away six years ago. When the flood hit, Kathy feared the worst. So she and her friends began to search for her mother’s urn.

“I had been out to Sanford a couple of times to help Kathy, but I had never been inside the home itself,” said Margaret Charbonneau, Kathy’s friend.

Charbonneau said it had been weeks of searching, but for some reason she said she couldn’t shake a gut feeling on Sunday. That feeling told her to physically search through Kathy’s bedroom.

“I’m like, if I had a small shovel or something to dig with, I could find it. If I can find the floor, I know that I can find her. She’s in this corner, I can feel it. So I found a piece of broken window. It was a fairly large piece and I took it very carefully and I started digging with it,” Charbonneau said.

That’s when Kathy said a miracle happened.

The group said it’s been an incredible tale of lost and finally found. The most important part is that Mary is now home.

“One of our friends, when she hugged her at the end, said that now she has, now everything that is good is with her or in front of her. And it’s time to move forward and move on,” Charbonneau said.

“That’s a great line because everything from here on out is going to be good. Everything is going to be good,” Kathy said.

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