Woman wants answers for father's missing headstone


Imagine going to the cemetery and finding the grave of a loved one is missing its marker.

That was the heartbreaking discovery of a Mid-Michigan woman and now she wants to know what happened to it.

"It was a shock to us that it was gone. I mean, it's something that you place there and expect it to stay forever," Rachelle Cornelius said.

Cornelius is talking about her father's headstone.

She and her family went to Greenridge Cemetery in Bay County Thursday night to visit her father's grave, but when they got there they realized the headstone was nowhere in sight.

"How could you do that? That's one of the most disrespectful things," Cornelius said.

She said she wants answers.

"I'd just like to know where my father's headstone is and get it put back where it's supposed to be," Cornelius said.

At the cemetery is a shed where workers throw away items left on graves like flowers and wreaths. Two misplaced headstones were also spotted in the shed by TV5's crew.

That left Cornelius wondering if her father's headstone was also thrown out.

"It's just really odd that there's this shed over here on the property and there's tombstones thrown in there and I don't understand what that's about," Cornelius said.

Covenant Cemetery Services is responsible for maintaining Greenridge Cemetery. Michael Butts, with the services, said he has been in contact with Cornelius and will work to track down her father's headstone starting next week.

Cornelius said whether it was moved by the cemetery or stolen by a thief, someone needs to be held accountable.

"I just want it back and if someone did take it then they should be held responsible for it," Cornelius said.

She said she had yet to contact the police, but plans to do so to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

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