A Michigan man loses his leg after an incident occurred while performing maintenance on a carnival ride.

“They’re the ones making sure that you’re safe on the ride, and so something like that to happen to them is pretty sad,” said carnival attendee Hayden Kautz.

On June 8, the morning before the Curwood Festival in Owosso opened, volunteer Nick Chapman was performing maintenance a ride called The Fireball when his legs were run over.

“He told us that he was pushing on it or something and I guess something was loose and the ride had come back and grabbed his leg,” said Nicks sister, Samantha Chapman.

The Owosso Public Safety Department was called to the scene at around 10:30 a.m. They say first responders treated the 22-year-old on scene.

Nick was taken to Hurley Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.

The injuries he suffered were so severe that doctors had to amputate the bottom part of his right leg.

His sister told TV5 that it’s a difficult thing for her brother to accept at the moment.

“He’s really upset, he doesn’t really know what to think, I think he’s just scared,” Chapman said.

Skerbeck Family Carnival, the company that provided the midway for the festival said the incident is under investigation and that the family is in their prayers.

"We continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers. We'd also like to thank all of our employees, the police and first responders of Owosso, and the Curwood Festival for their prompt response to situation," Skerbeck Family Carnival wrote in a statement.

The Chapman family told TV5 the company has been supportive and is offering to pay for Nick’s medical expenses.

They said that right now Nick could use all of the emotional support that he could get.

“My sister and I currently just made a Facebook post that we’re asking all the friends and family to comment something nice to bring his spirits up,” said Nick’s sister Sasha Hanley.

If you would like to leave an encouraging message for Nick, click here.

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