IMAGE: Dr Malcolm Field

Nearly six decades after starting his career in Saginaw, an accomplished neurosurgeon is still practicing in Mid-Michigan and he’s considered one of the best.

"I've tried to be the best physician and the best neurosurgeon that I was capable of being," said Dr. Malcolm Field, neurosurgeon.

Ask anyone who works with the 89-year-old and they'll tell you he's done just that.

He started his career at Ascension St. Mary’s in 1961 and over the last 58 years, Field said there have been plenty of memorable saves.

He remembered one story about a boy who sustained a head injury, after 18 months of little to no brain activity he woke up and said hello.

Or a woman who was given a one percent chance a normal life after a ruptured aneurysm, three months later she was back taking care of her family.

"Each time you stand in the gap between life and death for a person with a head injury, or brain tumor, ruptured aneurysm or something, and you are able to succeed, that's where the gratification comes from,” Dr. Field said.

Dr. Field even got a call the President John F. Kennedy was shot. He was one of the medical experts consulted on the case, but the damage was overwhelming.

"Oswald was an expert, a real marksman because he hit in the right place, just blew the back of his head off,” he said. “There was nothing you could do for anything."

Dr. Field has turned down offers from the Mayo Clinic and other world-renowned hospitals, but the Great Lakes Bay Region is where he’s always wanted to be.

"I love the people here," he said.

Stephanie Duggan, the regional president of Ascension Michigan’s Northern Ministries, said Dr. Field has created a lasting legacy in Mid-Michigan.

"He has had more impact on the health in this community than I think anybody else has or possibly ever will," Duggan said.

Joseph Adel is a cerebrovascular neurosurgeon at Ascension St. Mary's. He said Dr. Field sets the right example for him to follow in his career.

"For us, the new generation, it makes you look,” Adel said. “However hard you work, you look at him and you see that that's probably not enough. We should do more."

As for Field he tells us he spends each day being humble. He reflects on his childhood when he had nothing.

Everything Field achieved, he said he had to work for, and it's that same drive he uses when caring for his patients.

"All that I care about is that I’ve done the best that I can do for the patients I take care of," Field said.

Dr. Field said he has no plans on retiring anytime soon.

He says the secret to his longevity is avoiding three things: smokes, booze and elevators.

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