19-year-old leads police on chase, ends in crash

A police chase in Macomb County ended in a crash so violent it’s hard to believe everyone walked away.

On Dec. 21 at about 6 p.m., a Charger was going over 60 mph on Hall Road, west of M-53, in a 45-mph zone.

When the officer tried pulling the driver over, he changes lanes and speeds up to about 70 mph.

“You see all the cars lined up at the lights,” said Sean Coady, Utica Police Chief. “I mean, there is like nowhere to go. There’s no side streets. There’s nowhere to turn.”

Then the vehicle slams into the back of a Ford F-150 truck at the stoplight.

The impact throws both vehicles into the median.

The driver is from Warren, 19-year-old Batar al Yaseeri. He’s got a lengthy rap sheet and he was driving on a suspended license.

Now he’s charged with fleeing and eluding police, that’s a felony.

Two people were inside the pickup truck.

Fortunately, the truck absorbed much of the energy from the crash and they’ll be OK.

This incident could have been a simple speeding ticket.

“It’s just astounding because anytime you see something like this transpire, all you can think of is your, your own family that could possibly be in traffic and just be an innocent victim just waiting for a traffic signal like these people,” Coady said. “And the next thing you know you’re wrapped up in a catastrophic accident.”

Not only was the driver driving on a suspended license, police said it’s actually been suspended several times.

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