8-year-old Michigan girl shot over man not getting cigarette

Source: CNN

An eight-year-old girl is recovering after getting shot in the arm at a Detroit gas station.

Damond Reeves, 21, was arraigned Saturday on four counts of assault with intent to murder, carrying a concealed weapon and other charges.

"It was just firecrackers and then the car started dinging, next thing I know she was screaming,” said Keri Philson, the girl’s mother.

Philson is still in shock over what happened to her and her 8-year-old daughter, Kaya, on what seemed to be a routine morning.

They were driving to Washington Park's Academy in Redford Township where the third grader goes to school. They stopped at a red light at Plymouth and Wyoming in Detroit.

At that moment, police said Reeves suddenly started shooting at people on the road.

A bullet hit the 8-year-old girl in the arm.

"I was able to get her coat off and it just started pouring the blood everywhere. But I wrapped it with her sweater,” Philson said.

So why did this happen?

Witnesses tell police the shooting clearly had nothing to do with the little girl or her mom.

The gunman just went into a rage after he approached several people at the Shamrock gas station asking for a cigarette and they told him no.

"Basically, asking customers that were coming and going for a loose cigarette. Making statements to the effect of if he didn’t get a loosey very soon that it was about to go down,” said Commander Brian Mousey with the Detroit Police Department.

It raises the question, what would cause this behavior?

"It was some behavior that led up to the shooting incident that suggests that maybe he was suffering from mental illness. Not certain. Could have been mental illness, could have been under the influence,” Mousey said.

Philson, a massage therapist, said she has treated people with the lingering effects of gunshot wounds. She is worried that because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, her daughter will face a long recovery.

"Who would think something like this would happen going to school?” Philson asked.

The mom said her daughter was in surgery for a good portion of the day Friday.

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