Millington girl gives away her toy to family in need

A young Mid-Michigan girl is looking to put a smile on the faces of some less fortunate than her.

After learning that there were some kids who didn't have toys, 4-year-old Baylee Houghtaling from Millington immediately got to work figuring out what she could do to help.

Baylee loves her toys whether it’s a purse with a ribbon or baby dolls.

She wanted to add to her growing collection but her mom, Kendra Williams, had a life lesson to teach her first.

“I have been on and off work since July when I had surgery and the kids keep asking for toys and so my mom actually sat Baylee down and told her that she should be really grateful for the toys that she has because there’s little girls out there that have absolutely no toys to play with,” Williams said.

Little Baylee decided all on her own to give away some of her toys to a little girl in need.

She even inspired her older brother, Brendin, to join in too.

“It really touched my, it was definitely a tear jerker, proud mommy moment,” Williams said.

The pair spent the next three days picking out toys that they no longer felt they needed. They ended up with three garbage bags full of gently used toys ready for a new home.

“I was very surprised I figured it was going to end up being just a couple toys and they’d be done but Baylee keeps wanting more bags to fill, she’s really gotten into this,” Williams said.

Williams then went to a Millington Facebook group to find the perfect local family in need.

She says after a dozen or so comments they haven’t picked them out yet but when they do, all their hoping for is a little kindness is spread in return.

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