87-year-old woman who owned pill mill might avoid prison


An 87-year-old Ypsilanti woman who hired doctors to peddle dangerous drugs might avoid prison if she can find a place to perform community service.

Federal Judge Arthur Tarnow didn't guarantee it Thursday. But he told Lillian Meghnot and her lawyer to make some checks and report back to him.

Meghnot's husband ran a corrupt medical office near Ann Arbor. She took over after his death in 2011 and admits she conspired with doctors to sell illegal prescriptions for powerful opioids. Meghnot says she made a "great big mistake."

Her sentencing guidelines call for a prison sentence of at least 17 1/2 years. But prosecutors are recommending just two years because of relatively light sentences already given to two doctors who were co-defendants.

Meghnot is asking for a year of home confinement.

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