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It may not have been a huge snow for many, but at the very least we received some cosmetic snow over the weekend to help with the dull look of brown grass.

And while January started on a quiet note, it's certainly a bit more active as we've gone through the second half of the month.

After a break on Sunday and Monday (outside of the Thumb anyway), our next round of winter weather is set to arrive on Tuesday. This time, some of that winter weather may come with a bit of rain mixed in with the snowflakes. 

Timing & Details

It's possible we see the first of the snow early tomorrow morning, however with a dry atmosphere in place with plenty of sun through Monday, it may have a tough time actually reaching the surface. 

Better chances are expected to hold off until the evening hours, with the system expected to start primarily as snow. 

As the area of low pressure tracks northeastward through the state, warmer air will be drawn northward. That warm air should lead to a gradual changeover to rain, especially from the Tri-Cities, Thumb and southward. It's entirely possible we have a period of sleet or freezing rain in the time between.  

Areas north of the Tri-Cities may not see a complete switch over, staying a rain and snow mix, or snow entirely. The system should pull away from us on Wednesday afternoon. 

Snow Accumulations

This snow won't be quite as fluffy as our previous round over the weekend, with a more heavy, wet snow expected this time around. 

Early indications point to around 1-2", perhaps 3" around the Tri-Cities & Thumb region, with the lowest amounts around 1" or less near I-69 and southward. New snowfall north of the Tri-Cities may total around 2-5". 

With rain and a wintry mix involved, this is a very temperature sensitive event, so these amounts are certainly subject to change a bit more before the event unfolds.

Snowfall Tuesday Night & Wednesday

Be sure to stay tuned to future forecast updates!

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