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At WNEM TV5, we are dedicated to the community, which includes both viewers and businesses. If you have a question or wish to voice a concern about anything we are doing, send it to our general e-mail account by

News Tips, Story Ideas Or Press Releases

If you have a news tip, story idea or press release, there are three ways to contact WNEM TV5. The most efficient way to send us a tip, idea or release is via e-mail at Second, you may fax the information to the newsroom at 989-758-2111. Finally, you may call the newsroom at 989-758-2044 or 800-522-9636.

Contacting Specific Departments Programming: For questions or comments about any program (excluding news) on WNEM TV5, contact our Creative Service Director at News: For questions or comments about any of our newscasts, contact our Assignment Desk at News Stories: Send your ideas and story pitches to Engineering: For questions or comments about technical issues like reception, digital signal, etc., contact TV5 Engineering at Sales: For questions about how to advertise on WNEM TV5 or on, contact our General Sales Manager at Website: For questions or comments about anything on, contact our Web Team at WNEMWeb@meredith.comGeneral Contact Information For Saginaw Office News: 989-758-2044 Fax: 989-758-2111 Main: 989-755-8191 Sales: 989-755-8191 Sales Fax: 989-758-2112If you would prefer to mail a letter to the station, the address is:

WNEM TV5107 N. Franklin St.Saginaw MI, 48607

General Contact Information For Flint Office News: 810-234-5607 Main: 810-232-3900 Sales: 810-234-5628 Sales Fax: 810-234-5631Closed Captioning Concerns, Complaints

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