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FCB departed Flint for Des Moines, Iowa this morning...preparing for their toughest challenge of the season when they face one of the top teams in League Two history. The Des Moines Menace are one of the longest standing clubs in the league and have led the league in attendance for many years. The combination of a passionate fan base and brutal Iowa summer heat look to give the home side an advantage this weekend...or so it seems.

The Bucks and Menace have a storied history dating back to their first head to head regular season matchup in Iowa back in 1997 when the Bucks won 3-0. The two franchises have played eight times, with the Bucks holding a 6-2 edge in matches won. This includes six playoff battles since 2002 with three games being played at Des Moines and three games played at the Bucks former home in Pontiac. Des Moines has won one USL championship in their twenty-five year history, which started by defeating the Bucks the 2005 postseason.

This year the competition is as fierce as ever with Great Lakes Division Champion, Chicago FC United playing the second-place team in the Heartland Division, Kaw Valley FC. The two winners will play on Sunday evening for a coveted spot in the USL League Two Final Four.

Both games will be streamed live with the first semi-final starting at 5:30 PM (EDT), and the Bucks and Menace kicking off after that match, at 8:30 PM (EDT).

  • Bucks - Menace USL head to head history

    • 1997 - Bucks 3 Menace 0
    • 2002 - Bucks 3 Menace 1 (playoffs)
    • 2003 - Bucks 1 Menace 0
    • 2005 - Menace 4 Bucks 1 (playoffs) Menace wins championship
    • 2006 - Bucks 4 Chicago 0 (playoffs) Bucks win championship in Des Moines
    • 2011 - Bucks 3 Menace 2 (ET) (playoffs)
    • 2014 - Bucks 2 Menace 0 (playoffs) Bucks win championship
    • 2016 - Bucks 2 Menace 0 (playoffs) Bucks win championship
    • 2017 - Menace 2 Bucks 0 (playoffs)
    To keep up with Bucks playoff run by visiting the team web site at www.flintcitybucks.com, Twitter, Instagram and like the Bucks on Facebook.

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