Ally Challenge Day 2

The golf course heats up in Grand Blanc Township as we’ve reached day two of the Ally Challenge at Warwick Hills.

So far, it’s been a great day for golf fans to get out and watch the pros do what they do best.

Over the course of a few hours the biggest names and leaders at the Ally Challenge teed off from the first hole and Jim Dikos watched every single shot.

“We just wanted to see all the leaders go through tee off, now we’re going to work our way down to 17 and ruffle a few features down there,” Dikos said.

Dikos is one of many golf fans who used to come to Buick Open tournaments and is happy to be have pro golf back at Warwick Hills.

“It just brings back memories because I came probably to about 20 of Buick Opens in 23 years,” said David Kiesgen from Highland. “So I’ve been coming for a long time, I just wanted to renew that you see some of the guys I used to watch years ago.”

“We always came to the Pro-Am and that was probably the funnest day because everybody was relaxed all the players were more relaxed and will talk to you and stuff like that so I just love it I was super pumped when I heard it was coming back I was ‘yes, yes,’” said Linda Canaday from Grand Blanc.

So many fans have memories from the Buick Open that they cherish.

They all said they’re looking forward to creating new ones this weekend.

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