First: Don't call it "VP" decision. It should be called "Running Mate" decision. "VP decision" makes you sound as if Dementia Joe Pedo Biden has already been chosen.

Second: Just the IDEA of Wretched Gretchen Witless Whitmer as a running mate would, without question, almost guarante…


"new cases"????

so are those new cases because the test said they have "covid19"?

A test that is only approximately 60% accurate in the first place but then to top it off it shows up as positive if you have a common cold, influenza, pneumonia, or a myriad of other things....wh…


you really need to learn what an E.O. is.

It is NOT law. You can NOT be jailed for it.

Hipaa laws and ADA override E.O. 2020-147.

And to top it all off...Police aren't willing to enforce it.

You will continue to be their politically driven puppet..they love people …


ALL of you that actually believe these numbers need to remove your head from the where ever its currently rammed into and start looking at what this is really all about.

The fact that so FEW people die of ANYTHING else these days should really open your eyes to the true agenda.



This dictator of a so-called governor needs to look at actual data of face masks and the way this virus spreads..ALONG WITH its actual numbers and not the inflated numbers being produced for political posturing. This is a perfect example of Government overreach. Whitmer needs to be removed!