Tow truck drivers keeping busy

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Tow trucks were out in full force on Thursday.

“It’s just been crazy,” said Robert Panzner, towing and recovery specialist in Bay City.

Panzner drives tow trucks and when the snow piles up, so does his business. But this winter has taken its toll.

“With the weather change and everything we weren’t expecting to get up this morning and have the roads as crappy as they were,” Panzner said.

The work has been nonstop.

“Most of our stuff was on the expressway. Out on the I-75 area, lot of black ice out there,” Panzner said.

As dangerous as it is out on the roads, it can be even more treacherous for tow truck drivers.

“They don’t slow down for us. It’s kind of like whatever, it’s a wreck or driver. And they just keep on going. So, we really got to have our head on a swivel out there,” Panzner said.

Though it’s been a little stressful, he is thankful for the extra business mother nature has thrown his way. He said that extra cash will be put to good use.

“As much money as you make, it goes out in repairs. Our trucks take a heck of a beating out there too. So, this little bit of a last rush was nice,” Panzner said.

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