GRAFTON, Wis. (WITI/CNN) - A Wisconsin woman claims her SUV burst into flames on the highway within minutes of driving it off a used car lot. 

Nicole Brandt said she was driving along Interstate 43 in Grafton on her way to pick up her kids in a used 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. She purchased it 22 minutes earlier at Big Bill's Auto in Milwaukee, WITI reported.

"Something from underneath the engine. It was just melting. The engine was just melting out from underneath," Brandt said.

The SUV began smoking, and Brandt pulled over. An approaching driver snapped photos. Brandt got out seconds before flames appeared near the windshield.

"The car is a shell. A burnt-out shell," said Brandt.

She told WITI that she had saved up for two years to buy the SUV.

"All I wanted was my money back," said Brandt.

After some haggling on Thursday, Brandt said she thought she was able to get the dealership to refund the $2,900 she paid for the SUV -- but she's not sure the funds were transferred.

"There's no money in the account," Brandt said. "The bank said that they should have at least seen the transaction -- even if it hasn't hit my account yet. They should at least see it."

The Grafton Fire Department and the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office both looked into the fire, but could not determine a cause.

Brandt said she did not have insurance, but she's looking into other ways to try to get her money back. 

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